Second stop, why not - part II

After an overall smooth drive from California, we arrived in Utah, and I went to sleep a little early. I was slated to run the Provo Trail Half Marathon the next morning. I resolved to finally run this race because, again, I needed something to put my mind to, a project to work on so to speak.

Unfortunately, I couldn't fall asleep that night. Isn't that always the case? The time when you need the most rest you inevitably don't get it. Ha! Anyhow, with 2 hours of sleep under my belt I got up and joined my brother-in-law at the starting line.

And we ran.

And ran.

And with 3 or so miles left, our marathon-runner sister-in-law joined us and kept our spirits up til the end. Here we are about 5 minutes after finishing (thanks to my sister-in-law for the photo).

Overall, very neat experience. And yes, I surprise myself when I think about how much I enjoyed the run. I felt good and it was a beautiful run. Splendid scenery, fresh air, and lots of watermelon at the end.


The Jeff Bylund Family said...

Very cool! I am glad you enjoyed it! It would be fun to do one together someday. :)

Natalie said...

Good for you! I'm impressed!

jo said...

And look how great you look post run! Not worn ragged like I'm sure I would have.

What a fantastic accomplishment! Now when your kids grow up and say, "Mom I want to run a 1/2 marathos." You can say, "I have run one." To which they'll reply, "No way!" And then think you're extree cool.