This past weekend our little family all took part in a first for everyone: our first trip to Montana! We had a wonderful time with my sister and her family. Montana is beautiful and the sweeping hills and tall mountains remind me of Utah before it got a little more populated. We hit up a couple of cool things but all agreed we need to go back again!

Palisade falls, a great hike that we loved. 
Feeding dandelions to the goats. 
Watching bears at the Grizzly (Ansel called them ridely bears) encounter. 
Swimming in the hot springs pools. 
And taking a break from driving home at a restaurant housed in an old Junior High. 



Today Ansel said to me while playing at the park, "Mom, let's act like I'm 80 and you're 70 and I'm in charge."

I love what comes out of Ansel's mind. He's thinking about a lot of stuff. Some of which include trying to make sense of new words and phrases:
Diccar is guitar
Diarrhea is bacteria
Mind is mine
I'll take the short cut and you take the long cut
Paralyzed for fertilized
Compuner for computer
Liverty for liberty

He's also very into learning how things work:
I overheard him explaining to his buddy how muscles help our bodies move. 
When I had a cold, he told me that the white blood cells were working hard to get rid of the illness.
He loves to ask how old he'll be when I'm 40 or how old Ollie will be when he's 9, etc. He asks this kind of thing daily. 

And finally, when he gets tired, he'll go downstairs, swing on the swing, lull himself to sleep, then get off and take a nap. This he does regularly.   

I love this kid. 



The other Sunday I was taking a walk and was looking up when I saw this:

An owl in my neighborhood, in the wild. So cool! I hurried to show the rest of my little family. We watched the the owl blink slowly and turn his head nearly 360 degrees. There are so many birds in our neck of the woods.