First stop, Newport CA

Let's just say I have been looking forward to my family's family reunion since we headed home from the one before last. And because we had so much fun this year, I am ready for another reunion right away. October anyone? Okay, maybe that's too early. January? Too cold. April? Well, until the next time, I'll be looking back on the good time we had this go around. A great time indeed.

Highlights include, but are not limited to:
- Froth riding (verb, the act of riding an ocean wave after it has broken, instead of right as it is breaking. This method is most commonly used by those who are new to the boogie boarding sport or who appreciate a "safer" experience, i.e., no wave tumbling into the sand).

- Oliver running into the ocean without hesitation (I tell you, this kid loves the beach)

- 30+ people on the beach, and all of them belonging to the family (and being pretty cool to boot)

- An early morning walk to the tide pools (the sleep demon wanted to fight against this excursion, but it was totally worth it)

- A great celebration luau (my sister went all out and we enjoyed our dinner as if we were on the island of Maui, Mahalo!)

- Tetherball (you're never too young or too old to play a rockin' round of tetherball . . . and lose, considering my game)

And that's just the tip of the iceberg: maple cookies, baby shower, Ford Edge upgrade, countless conversations, balcony reclining, laser-tag game in and around the common area, singing, robot dancing, beach holes complete with sinks, family photo, vacation staches, catching frogs, classic pizza, cartoons, jokes, and all-togetherness. See what I mean? Got to do this again soon.

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