Spell check

I have found, that after reading several blogs, the word "definitely" is a difficult one. I have seen it spelled "definitley," "definately" and today, more than once, "defiantly".

This could mean one of two things, 1) definitely is difficult to spell and typing the combination of words can confuse your fingers, or 2) I am reading too many blog posts.

Hmmm, it may be the latter.


Central Park, part three

Many a time, I've heard of people going to NYC and spotting a celebrity. Someone I knew saw Sting once and another person saw a girl from The OC. So naturally, when I visited NYC this past weekend, I thought I may spot someone famous myself. And I did. This is how it went.

Jess: Look at that, a beach volleyball court in Central Park.
Ash: That's interesting, I wonder how you reserve time to play.
Jess: Yeah, I don't know.
Ash: Gee, the sand is spilling out of the court.
We slow our pace near the courts and watch as 4 dudes play volleyball, one of which was wearing beach trunks, going shirtless. And it was 62 degrees.
Ash: Jess, stop, stop. Come here.
Jess: What, huh?
Ash: Come here. (And in a lower tone), I think that's John Stossel.
Jess: Who's John Stossel? And, why isn't he wearing a shirt?
Ash: He's a new anchor...on Dateline or something.
We continue walking.
Jess: Ash, I don't know if that was John Stossel. John Stossel has a pretty common look with the moustache and all. That really could have been anyone. His look isn't that distinct.
Ash: I'll stand by it. (Really wanting to triumph in spotting some sort of public figure on this visit) THAT was John Stossel, I will bet you on it. I'm sure it was him.
Jess: Does he report out of New York?
Ash: I think so.
Jess: Let's Google him.
As we continue to walk, Jess pulls out the Blackberry to check it out.
Ash: Ha, ha, that's evidence enough!
Jess: Wow, John Stossel playing volleyball in Central Park in 62 degree weather. This is great. We've got to get a photo.
So we walked back and got a picture. How's that for celebrity sighting? Er...I mean news anchor sighting. He wasn't bad at the game either.


Central Park, part two

The beats of Michael Jackson were playing near this stage. A group of dancers asked Sunday afternoon strollers to form a circle and watch. I was intrigued by the guy wearing Michael Jackson gear so we decided to stop (taking a seat on a bench). Jess handed me a dollar to give to the crew after the performance. He's nice like that. The performance had just begun when a couple of police men had to stop the show. People booed, others walked away. One of the dancers exclaimed, "We've got to stop the show, but you are welcome to give us money." I didn't give them our dollar. I guess I'm like that. I'll give the cash if I like what I've seen, but it's not a guaranteed donation. Should I have given the money because they were stopped by the cops? Or is that the exact reason why I shouldn't have given them money? An ethical question indeed. It appears I'm thinking about this dilemma in the photo above.


Central Park in three parts

Our short trip to New York this past weekend proved delightful. We had a goal to see a Broadway play before the arrival of the babe, and we achieved our goal. Other than tuning in to some musical enjoyment, one of my favorite things we did was sit in Central Park and watch the city softball teams play. During several minutes of our watching, some city softball umps were sitting next to us on a park bench, discussing the city leagues best hitters. "Mikey Chirtwitz is an amazin' playah. He played fah Queens last yeah but now he's changed teams."


Spring showed up today

And I am loving the faint breeze, the happy sun, the peering daffodils, the chirping birds. I am looking forward to wearing a light jacket, rolling down the window a bit, going for pleasant walks, watching the blossoms grow, observing the tadpoles, smelling the lawn, seeing the ducklings follow their moms, waking up to rays o' sunshine.


Good Burger Eats in the district

I like to eat out. I do. I like it a lot. Eating out for me is more than just about the food, it's about the outing itself, it's about the conversation, it's about the restaurant's ambiance. Plus, I really like ketchup and ketchup with french fries is really good and I only try to eat french fries at good restaurants. Excuse me, I digress.

Jess and I have found some great places to eat out here in DC and the surrounding areas. Truth is, Jess has found the places and I just get to join him. The man can look at restaurant reviews like I can look at blogs, that is, for a long time. Recently, Jess has been on this hamburger kick. Here are some of the best burger places we've...er... Jess, has discovered in DC.

Central (get the house mayonnaise)
Good Stuff Eatery (go simple, in other words, don't order a fried egg with your burger)
Ray's Hell Burger (no french fries here, but you won't need it based on the size of the burger)

As for me, I'd like to find a place out here that makes good shakes or things like unto a Nielsens Frozen Custard concrete. Any suggestions? And no, Johnny Rocket's doesn't fit the bill.

post note: another name for this post could have been "Ashley likes fatty foods," hmmm, I may have to post on some healthy foods next.



I've always been very interested in lettering, calligraphy, fonts. Sometimes I find myself just taking to a piece of paper and scribbling out some letters much like an artist may doodle in a sketchbook. Maybe it's in the genes. My grandfather made electric signs for a living.

My sister told me about a film on the font Helvetica. A font you've probably seen several times today as you've gone about your daily routine. Take a look at this tidbit from the film. Fonts are fabulous (and powerful). Very cool.