Dominant gene

They all have a cleft in their chins. 
And I love it!


Name writing

Ansel is in that stage where he loves writing his name. Three year old handwriting is so cute.


On mourning

Mourning is strange. One moment you are in tears. The next, you find yourself in shock. And at other times it's surreal and you aren't really sure how you feel. And that usually happens when you go on with your everyday tasks and you feel like something isn't right but you don't have the power to do anything about it. It's nice to have a greater perspective. But there sure is a hole in your heart when someone you love passes away.  And that feeling of surrealness sticks around for much longer than you expect. 



What a blessing they are in my life!



I love the sound of:
My kids playing with friends
The heater
Nursing babe
Osmond Christmas album
Oven fan

And the smell of a fresh pine tree.