For a few weeks Jess couldn't seem to charge his phone very easily.  To get a good connection from the charger to the phone was very trying and if you got it in the right position and could keep it there, the chances of it holding were slim.  Jess and I started complaining about the fact that the phone quality should be better than that.  It should not have a problem with the charger connection until you've had it for five years, not two.

Then last night Jess looked inside the charging socket.  He then proceeded to take a toothpick and remove a pinky fingernail sized bit of lint from it.  The charger connection is working great now.  We aren't complaining about phone quality anymore.  In fact, we were impressed that you could actually get a connection sometimes with the amount of lint that was in there. We will be checking for lint on a regular basis from here on out.