Fighting the nap

Mom, I'm not tired. 



Just a bit ago we had the chance to take a trip to Hawaii (or Ha-why as Ansel says). It was wonderful. Enjoying the sun, the sand, and family was luxurious. The kids loved it! They played and played and enjoyed cousin time. Some days I'd just stare out at the beach and ocean in the morning listening to the waves. Therapeutic. 

Some pics below of our travels. 

Ever slept on a floor bed as a kid? How about a pool lounger bed? These guys were comfy. 

We rode a boat out to a sand bar and swam. So cool! During this stop we tried paddle boarding and Jess was approached by a turtle. It was neat to see one up close. 

We spent lots of time down at the coral beach. Oliver and Ansel loved finding sea glass and coral. 

We visited the Dole Plantation and rode the train. We laughed because most of the train ride narration was filled with little plugs to buy expensive pineapples, CDs, chocolates, and coffee. We skipped that stuff but did get Dole Whips. 

We went on a hike up Diamond Head. Ollie didn't complain once and Ansel was carried up 2/3 of the way (thank you Jess!). The view at the top was spectacular.  The boys had more energy to climb trees afterward. 

We went on a couple of other hikes/walks too. 

We walked up to Waimea Falls and swam in the pool surrounding the falls. This was something that I've always wanted to do. Specifically to get my hair to look like that. Just kidding. I really loved it!

One morning after some pancakes with macadamia nut sauce we took a walk to the Makapu'u lighthouse. The views were wonderful! 

And of course, the beach. Oh, the beach. What a pleasant time we had at the beach. I always say the beach is THEE place to vacation because it suits all ages. Plus, look at that water!

I always hesitate to put photos of other people on this blog due to privacy issues, but the family members we spent the vacation with were, of course, top notch. We had so many good conversations, fun adventures, and great times: blessing a new babe, meeting two new cousins, spear fishing, going to Island Snow for shave ice, watching the aircraft at the Marine base, bird watching, eating outdoors, and getting in our quarterly fill of HGTV.  A vacation for the books. 



I'd have to say that I really enjoy being a mother. It takes work, but it's sure something that makes my soul full of joy. It makes me grow and develop in ways that stretch me. It can be hard, like for instance when you worry to high heaven about one thing or another or when you're at the airport during a lay over and your kids want to play soccer and shoot goals with the tennis ball you brought. I guess I should have known better, bringing out that tennis ball. 

Yesterday was a day to celebrate mothers. I sure had a great one. An optimist with a can-do attitude who didn't let anything stop her. These are qualities I keep striving to gain. 

On Sunday, I was treated to salmon with fresh peas and a salad that Jess has become famous for in our house. I received hugs and kisses from my boys and it was wonderful.  This group is the best.