Making his debut

Weighing in at 7 lbs 2 ounces and 20 inches long, here's Oliver!

Arriving on May 23rd, he's the cutest and we love him lots.


Because we become 3 soon

I'd like to share a quick story about us 2.

Four short weeks after we were married, we began another year of school (his junior year and my first year of grad school ... taking the mission into account). We were quite busy getting all things school-related done, but we often found time to eat lunch together. We'd meet in the student center and sit at big round tables with 2 or 3 other students (they were big tables). There we'd enjoy our PB&J, banana, and soda cracker lunch which left us both wanting for more. (This meager lunch guaranteed that neither of us gained any post-marriage pounds, but I soon realized I was failing in the lunch making field when Jess was told that he was looking "thinner these days". That's when I went into my baking-cookies-and-freezing-them-every-week phase... I guess that story is for another time).

As we'd sit at lunch, Jess would show me items of interest in the university paper. We'd chat about things we were doing in school, what our families were up to, or nothing in particular. Sometimes we'd make observations about our fellow students, watch student club contests, or help one another study for tests. Most of the time jokes were made, clever things said, lots of laughs. This time served as my petrol for the day. I got my emotional energy from these lunches (wish I could say the same for my physical energy, darn soda crackers).

Then one afternoon, as I sat studying in the student center, a girl walked past me but then backed up to stop right in front of my chair. I looked up to an unfamiliar face. "You don't know me," she said, "but a few months ago I sat by you and your husband during lunch." She continued, "I noticed you were really enjoying yourselves and you were married. During that time, I was contemplating marriage but had a skewed view of it. When I saw you two interacting, I realized marriage could be great and made my decision to get married. I just wanted to say thanks for that." Surprised but grateful for her forward comment, I managed to sputter out, "Well, thanks for saying thanks." Then she was off.

Being 2 has been superb and I've really enjoyed it. As for being 3, I'm aiming to live a life so I may hear the words, "I noticed you were really enjoying yourselves and you had a child."


Guest book Signing Table

My brother's getting married today to a wonderful girl. I am very happy for them indeed! Unfortunately, husband and I can't make it to the festivities seeing as we've got another project (i.e. growing babe) in the works. In March, when I visited my family over spring break, my brother, sister and I discussed how I could "be" at the wedding without really being there. We came up with video-conferencing. The engaged couple said I could be at the guest book signing table. So I practiced last night.

Here I am greeting the guests as they arrive at the reception.
And here I am asking them to sign the guest book.
I think this is a great idea. We laughed about it all evening.


The Final Countdown

Our babe comes in ~one month. Here's to the final weeks.

p.s. the singer in the video has got some mad microphone skills plus some rockin' fist pumps.