Maps & the Final Countdown

Oliver is very into geography these days. He's into studying maps and and drawing them. He's also interested in reading about different countries and states. His latest work brought all of these interests together. It also exhibits his good manners (see inscription below). 

Ansel is into listening to "The Final Countdown," a song he reminds me is his favorite all of the time. He knows it is track 5 on the CD downstairs and can queue it up himself. He's into building things. The latest this brick wall for his house. And something to note, the pumpkin on the left is "roasting in the oven" according to what he told me. 

These two boys are extra extra special.


Yogurt popsicles on a fall day

Uneventful days are bliss sometimes. Speaking of, a friend of mine told me the other day that she is a homebody, as if it was a bad thing. I say, cheers! If you have a wonderful home and wonderful people in it, what a great place to be. Yes, I love getting out and doing, it keeps me sane honestly. But a day at home making your kids lunch, reading them books, drawing, sweeping the sidewalk, baking something; I can dig. The ordinary is beautiful. The norm is swell. 



Conversation with Ansel today:

"Ansel would you like a quesadilla for lunch?"

"Um, I want avocado."

And avocado it was, with a side of quesadilla. 

This guy is just as cute as can be!