The 4th

July 4th was quite the day. I am starting to think that it just may be my favorite holiday. Who doesn't love watermelon, fireworks, water fights, conversation, barbecue and babies crawling around on the grass? My kids were pumped the minute they woke up. Here are some pics from the day. 

Jess helps Ansel hold a 27 lb. watermelon

Ian's first 4th of July

Ollie plays a old bugle to celebrate freedom at Grandpa & Grandma's house

Water blob that our aunt made for the festivities

Jess hands out sparklers

And my favorite photo of the day, my dad holding Ian and watching fireworks. Their faces are exactly the same! Too dang cute. 

Aerial fireworks were legal this year, so we had quite a show. We got a kick out of the names of the fireworks: Road Trip, Look at This!, R U ready?, Monster Crusher and the like. At one point, Jess was lighting the firework pack we brought. It was a $29.99 special and the fireworks were more of the variety we lit when I was a kid. He was coming up with his own names and how they related to the aerial ones my bro-in-law was lighting. After Road Trip, Jess lit a small fountain of fireworks and called it the Staycation. Hilarious. 

On the way home we spotted a fire. Turns out it was very near my dad's house. We rushed to the scene. I couldn't believe it! I got close and took pics while my family was in the car. When I got home I smelled like fire. It was all a little intense. In the end, one house was partially burned but the fire was quickly put out. After hearing there were over 8 fires in our area on the fourth, Utah may not be having aerial fireworks next year folks. 

Getting older!

This guy is crawling like a champ. His first tooth is just barely coming in. He's so smiley and seems to say hi, dada, no-no and he sings. I can't believe he's approaching 1 year. Such a cutie.  

Say what part ii

These are too good not to share. 

From Ansel:
He called yellow jacket wasps, "life jackets."
When driving home from California he said, "are we in Brazil now?"
And he calls Elmer Fudd from Looney Tunes, Alma Fudd.