Anything can go with anything

In my spare time I like to peruse the fashion scene.  I like to think that I dress fashionably, but unfortunately, I am too cheap and lazy to be at the height of fashion.  However, I do like to think in fashion terms and it's a fun past time to put together outfits with the stuff I've got in my closet.  With that said, it appears that these days just about anything can go with anything else.  Two patterns together, sure.  Three patterns together, yes!  Navy blue and black, go ahead.  Stripes on the top and on the bottom, why not!

I feel as if the fashion rules are, well, no longer fashion rules.  But isn't that the point?  Fashion is always changing and right now we are at the peak of the mantra, "wear whatever you want" and it will look good.  And I guess that is the fun of it.  Put together anything and if you're confident enough to pull it off, you can.  I suppose I can subscribe to such style, and even though I am drawn to black, navy blue, and gray, the fashion cloud is making me want to attempt a royal blue or a salmon.  Plus, the models in the latest j.crew style guide have bed head, and while I was in shock when I first saw it, I realized it was something I could easily latch onto, seeing as my hair looks similar on many days of the week.

photo from j.crew



My sister has a quote from Fyodor Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov in her kitchen:

"...Nothing is more certain than bread."

Recently, this same sister taught me how to make the perfect honey whole wheat loaf.  Thanks to her, I enjoyed making a batch of four loaves.  We quickly ate some and shared with others, so now we're ready for another batch!  Good bye store bought bread.  Hello bread with certainty.


bp's science: want your kids to have good eyes? (v.1)

Research shows that kids who spend at least 10-14 hours per week outside are less likely to be nearsighted.  Can you believe that?  I was elated to read such news, seeing as Jess and my eye genes aren't going to help out Oliver.  I'm glad to hear that the sunshine can.


Spring Vacationing

Earlier this month, we had a chance to visit my sister, our brother-in-law, and their cute kids.  It was a splendid time.  Playing in the backyard with the cousins was probably Oliver's favorite thing to do.  I liked that too, plus we enjoyed good discussion, visits to parks (we saw a river otter at one!), a museum, delicious eats (including excellent doughnuts), dyeing eggs, making bread, and the list goes on.  Spending time with family in their own digs is lots of fun.  I'm glad we all had the opportunity to visit (Jess was able to make the trip at the last minute and it was a special treat).

clockwise starting at right corner: kids dye Easter eggs, Oliver gathers rocks, playing pirates in the fields, swinging with Dad, orange egg dyeing


bp's science: space shuttle Discovery (v.1)

Thanks to some friends of mine, I found out that the space shuttle Discovery will be flying (well, actually it will be taking a ride on the back of an 747 aircraft) over Washington D.C. today around 10-11am EST. The Discovery took it's final flight back in February of 2011 (seeing as the space program is cutting back) and will now be landing in Virginia and displayed at the Smithsonian's public hangar there. It will be joining other famed aircraft like the Enola Gay and the Blackbird SR-71.

Last night, in preparation for viewing the fly-in, Oliver and I watched this video of the final take off of Discovery. Oliver and I enjoyed it (4 times), maybe you will too.


bp's science: dental health (v.1)

Of course you know that if you brush your teeth too hard your gums recede. But did you know that gums do not regenerate? I thought the mouth was a great healer, regenerating peridontia included! Not so. I did not know this (am I the only one?), and I brush my teeth too hard. I'm going to need to stop.

photo of Oliver and I brushing each others' teeth, Summer 2010


Talking up a storm

Oliver is very talkative these days. Yesterday, I don't think he had a 10 second break between any two thoughts. He has lots to say and many questions to ask. And the best part is, he pronounces question as "quesh-kin".

He likes to ask what letters words start with. For instance, "Mama, what does Cup starts with?" (there is always an 's' on the word 'start'.) And lately he asks what double syllable words start with in two parts, "What does 'Choc' starts with? What does 'Late' starts with?" or Dia Mond, or Restau Rant. It's neat to see his mind put it all together.

The other day I was the one asking him the questions, specifically what his favorites were. It was very clear that his mind was made up on these because he answered the questions so quickly:

Favorite toy: Big Bird
Favorite number: 2
Favorite color: yellow
Favorite letter: A
Favorite game: checkers (which he has not played but which is in a book we read)
Favorite food: almonds

It is lots of fun to be a mom to such a loquacious kid. It makes for some good times.

Here he is holding up his name, which he wrote all by himself (I let him know what letters came after 'O'). My favorite letter in the bunch, the big 'V'.