signs that you are getting older

1. You go to your child's school office and check him or her out.
2. You start having conversations about your lawn, e.g. "Have you turned your sprinklers on yet?"
3. You ask kids what grade they are in at school.
4. You mistakenly call a 18 year-old neighbor his 15 year-old brother's name.
5. You now have several reasons to frequent Home Depot.

I think I swore to myself that I would never do anything like number 3 or 4, but just this last week, I was guilty of both.  And back when I was in college I really had no idea why there were so many Home Depot commercials on television.  Who is doing all that home maintenance/remodel stuff? I thought to myself.  Now I know.


Easter 2015

Extremely grateful for these people. 



This quote from Amelia Earhart resonated with me when I saw it at the kids' museum yesterday. 

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. You can do anything you decide to do. 

You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward. 

p.s. whilst in college, a group of friends came to call me Amelia saying I looked like her. My first thought was, "Amelia? I look like Amelia? Why couldn't it be some other beauty?" Quickly, I snapped out of that and remembered the goodness of Amelia. I embraced the nickname - short hair, tenacity (which I am still working on) and all. 


April fool's day

What kind of stuff should we do to fool mom?

Oliver is really into doing some fooling of his own this year. We worked on a sign to surprise dad. He ran through it right as Jess came in the room. Good way to start the day. 

Then he asked Jess to help him with a few tricks. The first, telling mom he didn't have school today. Classic. The second was even more classic.  This is how it panned out. 

Dad, what's another joke we can do to mom?

Get a piece of candy and take the candy out. Then re-wrap it so it looks like a piece of candy is really in there. Then ask mom if she'd like a piece of candy. 

Ollie runs in the kitchen and asks, Hey mom, can I have a candy wrapper?

And, of course, I appeared totally fooled when he gave me that same wrapper wrapped around a rubber ball and looking like a chocolate Bon Bon. 

And in other news, Ansel likes that spring has sprung around here. Our front and backyards have become an extension of the play room. 


A note

This note was waiting for me when I got home from a Young Woman activity. 

"Dear mom, if you got a treat from young women's, put under my pillow. "

Love it. 


Warning labels

This prize (suggested for use by children 4+) came with a recent kid's meal we purchased on a road trip. Notice the warning label on top. I don't know why any child would need adult supervision while drawing. Paper cuts? Eating of crayons? This seems to me to be a bit ridiculous. 


Early morning adventures

Having young children on a vacation usually means early mornings. And some late nights. This past weekend we did a mini vacation, and getting the kids to sleep the first night was an adventure. They were so pumped to be on a trip and in one room all together, they couldn't settle down. I was saying things like, "Guys, I've almost fallen asleep three times, but you guys can't settle down," and "put your heads on your pillow and close your eyes, then sleep."  Jess laughed at how good of a mother I sounded like with those great statements. And after all that they continued to giggle until it was so late that they were so exhausted they fell asleep. 

The next morning was another excited one, so we got up early and got going. We were the first to arrive at the sand dunes at the state park and it was magical. For an hour we walked, jumped, slid, dug, made sand angels in this quiet, serene, beautiful place. It was wonderful. This is a great thing I've learned as a parent. No matter how tired I am or how much of the sleep demon I possess (which in our family is the unsatisfied and illogical state one gets into when still tired but just woken up), I always end up having a grand experience with my family in the early morning. I am amazed what we can fit in before 10am!  These moments of cool air, quiet calm, and no one around, with two very curious and adventurous boys are some of the greatest.  


The latest: a photo essay on life doings

Lately, we've been up to some things. Lots of them have been wonderful.  Most notable are those pictured below. 

Dino museum with G&G T

Aquarium with Dad

Basketball hoop inside and out

Tea party with aunts, nieces, and grandma 

Ski day

Bowling competition (wow, Ollie is looking grown up!)

Bubble baths

And now it's March 11th already. Wow!


1959 bowling alley

In our neck of the woods there's a country club and it's getting torn down in just a few weeks to make room for a new one. I'm so sentimental it's hard for me to see the change. But the funny thing is, I haven't spent all that much time at the club. A few wedding receptions plus running and driving by it is really all the exposure I've had to the place. But still my heart is sad to see the old go. I don't know what it is: dislike of change, liking the history of old things, realizing I'm getting older.  

Imagine my excitement when we were invited as a youth group to bowl in the small bowling alley in the basement of the country club tonight. It was the last night you could bowl at the place and we had all six lanes to ourselves. Plus, they aren't rebuilding the alley, so this was the last night you could bowl at the country club forever! I couldn't get enough!  I love a good game of 10 frames. The place was built in 1959 but is as pristine as ever (well, as pristine as a bowling alley can be). And we had to keep our own score with wax pencils and everything. No neon lights or pixelated scoring screens with cheesy graphics (admittedly those screens are enjoyed by my kids). I was loving it.  

We had a great time. I'm sad to see it go but so happy we got to use it on its last night of use.