Boys camp

I'm sitting here in the living room all by myself at home. This is a rarity. Home alone and it's quiet. Jess and the boys have been gone for a total of 4 minutes and I'm already missing them.  Cheesy but true!

They are off to what Ollie has termed "boys camp."  Since I go up to girls camp with the young women (and was up there yesterday), the father and sons campout or what now has become the neighborhood family campout is "boys camp" to Ollie. He has been talking about going on this campout since he got home from the last one last summer. Often he would count down the days to said boys camp, "Mom, there are 12 days til boys camp."  And this time around Ansel gets to go. He is just as excited. He helped pack his own bag and remembered not to forget his compass. He even buckled himself into his car seat 5 minutes before anyone was even outside getting in the car. Needless to say, they were pumped.

Their excitement made me want to jump in the car with them and go. But this 7 month pregnant body would be a-twisting and a-turning in the night all the while trying not to wake them up, so I'll forgo boys camp. Plus, it's special to spend time just with dad. I hope they have a rip roaring time. 

These three, what a great crew!

photo from a previous campout on Memorial Day weekend, Yuba Lake 2016


These guys love their dad

And it's not hard to imagine why. Happy Father's Day Jess! And happy Father's Day to my dad and all of those top notch dads I observe in my life. 


Fighting the nap

Mom, I'm not tired. 



Just a bit ago we had the chance to take a trip to Hawaii (or Ha-why as Ansel says). It was wonderful. Enjoying the sun, the sand, and family was luxurious. The kids loved it! They played and played and enjoyed cousin time. Some days I'd just stare out at the beach and ocean in the morning listening to the waves. Therapeutic. 

Some pics below of our travels. 

Ever slept on a floor bed as a kid? How about a pool lounger bed? These guys were comfy. 

We rode a boat out to a sand bar and swam. So cool! During this stop we tried paddle boarding and Jess was approached by a turtle. It was neat to see one up close. 

We spent lots of time down at the coral beach. Oliver and Ansel loved finding sea glass and coral. 

We visited the Dole Plantation and rode the train. We laughed because most of the train ride narration was filled with little plugs to buy expensive pineapples, CDs, chocolates, and coffee. We skipped that stuff but did get Dole Whips. 

We went on a hike up Diamond Head. Ollie didn't complain once and Ansel was carried up 2/3 of the way (thank you Jess!). The view at the top was spectacular.  The boys had more energy to climb trees afterward. 

We went on a couple of other hikes/walks too. 

We walked up to Waimea Falls and swam in the pool surrounding the falls. This was something that I've always wanted to do. Specifically to get my hair to look like that. Just kidding. I really loved it!

One morning after some pancakes with macadamia nut sauce we took a walk to the Makapu'u lighthouse. The views were wonderful! 

And of course, the beach. Oh, the beach. What a pleasant time we had at the beach. I always say the beach is THEE place to vacation because it suits all ages. Plus, look at that water!

I always hesitate to put photos of other people on this blog due to privacy issues, but the family members we spent the vacation with were, of course, top notch. We had so many good conversations, fun adventures, and great times: blessing a new babe, meeting two new cousins, spear fishing, going to Island Snow for shave ice, watching the aircraft at the Marine base, bird watching, eating outdoors, and getting in our quarterly fill of HGTV.  A vacation for the books. 



I'd have to say that I really enjoy being a mother. It takes work, but it's sure something that makes my soul full of joy. It makes me grow and develop in ways that stretch me. It can be hard, like for instance when you worry to high heaven about one thing or another or when you're at the airport during a lay over and your kids want to play soccer and shoot goals with the tennis ball you brought. I guess I should have known better, bringing out that tennis ball. 

Yesterday was a day to celebrate mothers. I sure had a great one. An optimist with a can-do attitude who didn't let anything stop her. These are qualities I keep striving to gain. 

On Sunday, I was treated to salmon with fresh peas and a salad that Jess has become famous for in our house. I received hugs and kisses from my boys and it was wonderful.  This group is the best. 


Snapshot of life

Oliver is very much into Rube Goldberg Machines, which he currently calls RGMs for short. He uses everything from books to the tape measure and everything in between to build them. Jess and I were just saying that only weeks ago Ollie was asking us to help him build his marble run. Now his marbles runs are way better than what we ever built and his RGMs or contraptions are creative and clever. We have lots of marbles, dominoes, blocks and whatnot strewn across the floor on a daily basis. I am amazed at how Ollie brings the chaos together to create.  He called this RGM the "best of the best."

Ansel gets in on the chaos too, making RGMs 3-yr-old style. And right now he's very much into playing board games with me. For example, Pictionary. His version is drawing something. Telling me what it is. Choosing a card and saying that what he drew is on the card (imagine that!). Moving his game piece. Rolling the dice. Taking a look at the hour glass timer. Repeat. He's also writing what he calls "easy letters" on paper. That includes O, L, T, I and the newest member V.  He's also very independent and wants to do everything. Including dress himself. 

Jess is busy caulking our bathroom shower. And to tell you the truth, I always think I could get it done faster but his precision and attention to detail will always produce better results.  He also won our latest family bowling tournament. Yo. 

As for me, I'm pulling weeds and really enjoying the beauty that spring brings to our front yard. And I finished our taxes. Woot. 


Our Easter photo

I have to post one of the few family photos I get in a year. It's always on Easter after the egg hunt. Love this group. 


These words from Ansel...

"Did you know that pepperoni is macaroni's middle name?"

"This says 'faster shoes'." While pointing to the words on his shoes. 


These two

Ansel and Ollie are 3 years and 9 months apart and it's taken a while for the two to "play" together. It's certainly not always sibling love but the moments come around and it's so sweet (especially for a mom that wanted so badly to have more than one child so they could have each other). One of these moments sticks out in my mind. 

Ansel's birthday was coming up. Ollie whispers in my ear, "what should I give Ansel?" I asked him if he had any ideas. Now Ollie is way into money these days and likes to know he has what he thinks is a "good amount," so what he said next was surprising and kind. "I'll give him some money so he can put it in his money jar." And so it was. Ollie gave Ansel an envelope. On it we wrote ANSEL'S WALLET and in went a dollar bill, a dollar coin, and a nickel. Ansel loved it, you know, because Ansel loves anything Oliver loves. 

These two. 

See Ansel in the background?


Yes! I'm so glad Downton Abbey ended happily

Last night after viewing the Downton Abbey Finale I was happy that everything was tied up nicely and ended well. I even teared up during a scene between two sisters earlier in the season. Good stuff!

And yes, if I went to England and had the time I would not be ashamed to pay to take a tour of the place they shot the series. Pour some tea, make some scones, top them with cream!  Here's to good tv show endings. Haha!