You know that transition time where your kid is ready to give up naps but really he’s not ready to give up naps? It’s here now and we are deep into it. 


Onto 2020!

I love this group and was grateful to celebrate Christmas and the life of Jesus Christ, who went about doing good. May we strive to do so now and into 2020!


Feeing the aloha spirit

I got the chance to spend some quality time with some quality people before Christmas. My last girls’ trip for 2019 just wrapped up, and it was a winner! I mean, look at the setting:

Hanauma Bay

Waikiki Sunset

Parasailing, snorkeling, swimming in a waterfall, relaxing, açaí bowls, burgers, noodles, conversation, picture taking, laughing, and enjoying it all. These women I know from marrying into Jess’s fam are top-notch. We missed those who couldn’t make it. I guess that means there must be a next time :). 

Maka’puku Lighthouse

This time around I got to see whales swimming beyond the island (something I’ve long awaited for), a turtle bobbing its head up, iridescent fish, and lots of birds. But the most important thing was spending time together and enjoying these people, most of whom I don’t get to see regularly. 

Where we saw the whales up on Maka’puku. 

Along the Waimea trail. Those trees! Those moss-covered rocks!

And the final sunset along Kaneohe on our last day there. 

Until next time Hawai’i. Mahalo! A huge thank you to my mother-in-law who planned the whole thing and brought us together for a smashing good time. 


Things Ian says

This morning we were putting the organs of a body together in a puzzle. Ian held up the bladder and stomach. He was doing a great job. Then he lifted the intestine and said, “Mom, is this the poo-stine?” I could hardly stop laughing. 

A few weeks again he got a haircut and liked to feel the prickly nature of his closely shorn hair. However, this morning he felt for those short hairs and said in surprise, “My haircut is gone!?!”

He, like Ansel a couple of years ago, was watching a magic show and when the magician asked what the magic word was, Ian shouted from the audience, “Please!”
Sometimes I have to ask Ian not to do things. He responds in the affirmative with, “Mom, I willn’t!”

Being three and all that comes with it is a good time. 


A Place for Us and some other comments

This isn't necessarily a book review, but I do want to say that this book is an excellent read. It speaks of family ties, loss of culture, and most importantly, mercy. I recommend it.

Also, a while ago I read The Art of Racing in the Rain and posted about it. In that post, I mentioned that the book was sure to become a movie. And indeed it has.
Jess came home with the DVD last weekend (we're old school like that sometimes, thanks Redbox!), and I told him it was a sad story. We both cried! And we both want a golden retriever now, no joke. Maybe in a few years. Who knows?

And then, this movie, Ford v Ferrari.
Have you heard of it? My brother sent me the early trailer many months ago and it's finally in theaters. Apparently, it's a story about friendship with car racing included. What's rare is that's its a true car story with real driving craziness instead of a made up one with crazy car antics (I'm looking at you Fast & Furious). Maybe after I see this one, I'll want a Ford GT40.


Happy Halloween!

From the Swedish chef, a bat, and “baggy” skeleton. 

This year, Ollie is off with his buddies, Ansel wants to conquer trick-or-treating at a scary house, and Ian wants all of the candy. 


Girl to come March 2020

Let’s add to this family chaos! Woot woot!

We are all looking forward to having a sister. Truth is, I can’t believe it!


Fall break, short but sweet

We kept it simple for fall break this year. 

We did a quick staycation at a local hotel, which served us well this time around. It began with a luxury robe and slipper combo. These are the boys’ best “this is the life” faces. Ansel kept this stuff on while sleeping. Ha!

We enjoyed the pool...

...and relaxed poolside. 

Then we took to the streets...

...and the hills. Look at these colors. Ian exclaimed that he loved this tree because he loves red!

The view of the city from the “U” was fun. 

The water if city creek was chilly but it was a perfect fall day

Fall break was a success! Now if every school and work week could be this short.


Scavenger Hunt

Ansel’s scavenger hunt. 

My favorite part, paper no. 1: “Yay! You found clue 1.”