Snapshot of life

Oliver is very much into Rube Goldberg Machines, which he currently calls RGMs for short. He uses everything from books to the tape measure and everything in between to build them. Jess and I were just saying that only weeks ago Ollie was asking us to help him build his marble run. Now his marbles runs are way better than what we ever built and his RGMs or contraptions are creative and clever. We have lots of marbles, dominoes, blocks and whatnot strewn across the floor on a daily basis. I am amazed at how Ollie brings the chaos together to create.  He called this RGM the "best of the best."

Ansel gets in on the chaos too, making RGMs 3-yr-old style. And right now he's very much into playing board games with me. For example, Pictionary. His version is drawing something. Telling me what it is. Choosing a card and saying that what he drew is on the card (imagine that!). Moving his game piece. Rolling the dice. Taking a look at the hour glass timer. Repeat. He's also writing what he calls "easy letters" on paper. That includes O, L, T, I and the newest member V.  He's also very independent and wants to do everything. Including dress himself. 

Jess is busy caulking our bathroom shower. And to tell you the truth, I always think I could get it done faster but his precision and attention to detail will always produce better results.  He also won our latest family bowling tournament. Yo. 

As for me, I'm pulling weeds and really enjoying the beauty that spring brings to our front yard. And I finished our taxes. Woot. 


Our Easter photo

I have to post one of the few family photos I get in a year. It's always on Easter after the egg hunt. Love this group.