'round and 'round the National Christmas tree

This past weekend we took a little trip downtown to see the renovated atrium of the American History Museum and the National Christmas tree on the White House grounds. It was a fun trip which included an episode of getting very hungry, leaving all of the food I had brought in the car (which was several blocks away), and then insisting I had to eat 2 street vendor hot dogs to hold me over (while Jess only consumed one). I'll tell you, those dogs are twice as delicious when it's really cold outside and you're mildly famished. Anyhow, the tree was a sight to see. And as we came upon the sight, it began to snow (something that hasn't happened much in the area this year). We couldn't have asked for a better holiday night.


Makin' it big, like Jodie Foster

This past week a new employee at work told me I sounded like Jodie Foster. I must use my low, take-me-seriously-even-though-I-look-young voice at work.


Did someone say Christmas Time?

I hope all had a grand Thanksgiving. We sure did - full of family conversation, turkey & pie, and smooth airline travel. We missed the Chicago airport fiasco by a hair (thank goodness!). This time of year is always superb.

Now on to having a Holly Jolly Christmas. What makes this "the best time of the year" for you? For me it's gathering with family and friends for conversation and traditions, lighting a fire in the fireplace, listening to Christmas tunes from my childhood, singing and kisses underneath the mistletoe, feeling the spirit of Christmas, enjoying hot chocolate, looking at Christmas lights (it's neat to see them from an airplane), and riding in the car with the heat on full blast.