These days

We are resting, not resting, cutting out a lot of letters and numbers (per Oliver's request), watching our babykins grow, and everything in between.


Quork is Spanish...did you know?

Oliver likes to learn how to count in different languages.  His personal favorite is Spanish.  He's got those numbers down, well, until he gets to seven, then he switches to German.

As a result, Oliver likes to make up words in Spanish.

Noodley = Don't know
Quork = No
Yim = yam

The list goes on and is added to each day.

Another thing Ollie does is make up words and then defines them.  A typical conversation goes something like this:
Oliver: Mom, do you know what "slerm" means?
Me: What does it mean?
Oliver: It's a thing (the key phrase in almost every one of his definitions) that makes loud noise.

Having a child 3+ years old is good times.  A great stage.  I often think throughout the day, "Man, this is fun! And this kid is hilarious!" But then again, all stages have their highlights.

Ollie fits inside the same box in which a Louisville Slugger was delivered.



Weighing in at 7 pounds 1 ounce and 19.5 inches long, here's Ansel!

Arriving on February 3rd, he is very cute, much anticipated, and we love him lots.

It truly is amazing that this:

equals this:


Hello February

Lots of change to come our way in February.

January was great and went by fast. It included a new garage, some snow melting inside our house, two speeding tickets (lay off the gas pedal Ash and Jess!), lots of baked goods, Ollie making up words and saying they are Spanish (noodley is "don't know" in Spanish apparently), visits with friends, Sunbeams for Oliver, naps, some good football watching, and playing with the camera.

And now it's Feb. Stay tuned.