Third stop, Bear Lake

Ah, yes, the fun continues with another family reunion. This one was with Jess' family and it was a great time indeed. Complete with excellent meals, nifty lodging, and a couple of dips in the hot tub. I know I'm repeating myself here, but I'm ready for another one right away. What do you say guys? I'm pretty sure Bear Lake is covered in snow in January, but I think it begins to melt away come April. And what's a hot tub for anyway if to not warm you up? Right?

Highlights include, but are not limited to:
- Hot tub-ing (Oliver preferred to enjoy the hot tub through the filter hole)

- Being on the boat and wakeboarding (every family member, except Oliver who loved blowing the emergency whistle attached to his life jacket, tried out the wake board and I was thoroughly impressed)

- The fresh air, oh yes, the fresh air and the quiet (even though I talked and talked and talked)

- Pool time with uncles and grandma (finding water shooters in the pool was a definite plus)

- Holding a cute, very new babe (there's nothing like a new baby to make you smile)

- Badminton (what's summer without a game, or two, or three, or more?)

And again, that's not all. There was Top Shot, a late morning jog, raspberry shakes, a moose sighting on the drive up, water skiing, tubing, apple pie, board games, walks, grilled cheese for Oliver, pool noodles, throwing bread to the seagulls, conversation, jokes, and being together. I've got my eye on cabin 453 come this April.


Janice said...

Where was this in Bear Lake?

ash said...

Janice, this is up in Harbor Village, by the big white light house. It was a privately owned cabin that we rented through a Bear Lake rental management firm. Very nice.