Almost there...

Yesterday I got Oliver, Ansel, and myself to the store to buy some food and additional essentials. I felt like I had really accomplished something - at one point I had Ansel in my arms and Ollie was helping me push the cart. How's that for multitasking? After checking out, driving home, and unpacking the groceries, I went to feed the little one. My button up shirt was on inside out.

I had a good laugh.


Big bones

This past Saturday, it was cloudy and we needed to get out of the house, so we visited the new Natural History Museum. It was great...quite the upgrade from the museum I remember visiting when I was little.

As we walked along I overheard an Uncle ask his teenage niece if she had seen the movie Jurassic Park. She told him no. This made me feel old-er. I mean, I remember the time when everyone had seen that movie. And now it is coming out in 3-D.

Needless to say, it was an awesome visit.  Fossils never cease to amaze.  And the Native American footwear of the past, I was in awe; sandals and moccasins from before the fourteenth century.  Plus, they had an interactive insect activity and I got to hold a hissing cockroach.  Then I dropped it (back into its cage) because I was a little jumpy.

This museum is must see for those who live in these parts.


General Update

Who doesn't like a general update?  So, here it goes.

Ansel is growing and smiling lots.  He is as cute as can be.  We have recently discovered that he sleeps best with white noise.  My sister-in-law noticed this first when she was holding him at my family dinner.  These dinners are loud.  We talk loud and we talk over each other.  Because of this, she took Ansel into the quiet living room where she thought he could rest best.  Instead, he opened his eyes and kept them open as long as he was in the quiet living room.  Once she moved to the dining room, where the cacophony of conversation abounded, he went right to sleep.

Oliver is growing and smiling lots too.  He will write on whatever surface he can: paper, balloons, ribbons, the sidewalk, his skin. He also digs reading and is picking up on it.  The other day we went to Old Navy.  Oliver has always called the store "Old Maybe," but this time, when he saw the sign, he read it and commented, "Mom, I always thought this place was Old Maybe but it really is Old Navy." 

Jess passed the bar.  Wahoo!  We had some sparkling peach cider to celebrate (see photo above).  He's into biking these days which is nice to do with the warmer weather.

I am trying to pull off being a mom with long hair.  It sure gets in the way a lot.  I am tempted to cut it again, and probably should, given that I don't care for it like I should.  Long or short?  Hmmm.