It's getting colder and I'm getting out the long sleeved shirts, pants, socks, and coats.  Pants that I rolled once (even twice) for Ollie don't need the rolling anymore.  Same with some of his shirts.  I am finding that the t-shirts that fit him are past 5T (long torso), and that means we will be purchasing clothes in the boys area instead of the baby.  Yes, the boy is growing.

He's going to preschool, birthday parties, and friends' houses on his own.  I am proud of him for doing these things alone and getting brave and going for it.  Sometimes it's been hard for him, but he does it and he comes home smiling.

As a parent, I find that I have to find a balance between the letting go and pushing forward.  I miss that he's not always in my sphere or under my purview.  But I know to be healthy and happy, he's got to learn to go out and learn.  And I think he is enjoying it.  I am too, but with a tad bit of bittersweet.


auf wiedersehen summer, hallo autumn

It's very official, summer is gone and autumn is here.  We had such a good summer, these guys had a hard time saying good bye to it.  So did I.

But bring on the fall!  We've already put pumpkin in our desserts.  We've watched football.  We currently have our first runny noses.  We are using blankets at night.  I wore tights to church.  We got out the kite. 

Here's to autumn!


Cathod Ray Tube

We have an old TV.  It seems to be getting closer and closer to artifact status.  Still, it has been good to us.  But just this weekend, Jess turned it on to watch some football.  He was ready to relax.  When it came on, we could hear audio but we couldn't see a thing.  Disappointment.  You'd think we'd be happy, because this meant we could get a new snazzy television, but the truth is, we don't mind the thing, and Jess really wanted to watch football.  As such, he started to tinker around, trying to fix it.  When he had given up all hope, he informed Oliver, who had been watching the whole event, that he was going to make one last attempt at fixing it by hitting it.  Jess gave it a whack, and voila!  Fixed.  Audio and visual on.  We couldn't stop laughing.

A few minutes later, Oliver asked us if he could take a turn hitting the television.


These rainy days...

have really been fun for Oliver.  He goes out with an umbrella but comes back in the house soaked to the skin.


The goods of the garden, late summer style

The garden has given all summer long, and here are some of the latest.



To keep summer going...

I know it's September and people think summer is over.  However, just the other day when I told Jess I was bummed summer was finished, Jess informed me that the official date of fall starting (or in other words, the official date that summer ends) is September 22nd, so don't be melancholy just yet.  Therefore around here, we are acting like it is still summer.  We don't want to say goodbye to this part of the year just yet.  One way we are extending the season is by visiting the Farmers Market.  The other day we bought some delicious peaches.  Everyone of us enjoyed a juicy peach, including Ansel (who prefers his pureed and in oatmeal cereal).  Would you all agree with me that a perfectly ripe peach is one of the best fruits out there?  Yum.

And here's to 15 more days of summer!  Although, I can sure tell autumn is coming as the mornings keep getting darker and darker.


You like to cook!

The other day one of Oliver's pals came over.  We were out in the driveway getting ready to take a walk.  I asked her if she'd like to join us.  We've taken lots of walks when this friend is over, causing her to answer, "Gee, you sure love walks and you love to cook!"  I guess I cook a lot when she's around too.  Her statement was pretty spot on.

Since I do love to cook (and mostly bake), I've been trying to whip desserts up that are healthier than the normal chocolate chip cookie.  I was surprised at how easy (and fun) it is to make a healthy cookie.  Instead of butter, I add applesauce or greek yogurt (more protein).  I cut the sugar by 1/4th.  Then I add cranberries, flax seed, or crushed almonds (even more protein) to the recipe.  Once I used a mashed banana to replace an egg (I don't mind adding eggs to a recipe, but one time I was out).  And I always, always add chocolate chips.  Okay, that last bit is not healthy but necessary.

Jess came home the other day and said to me, "You baked again, eh?"  He doesn't mind, but it's kind of become a thing I do around here... a lot.  I think I've got a problem.  And it's not even January or February.