A few weeks ago, I achieved something I've dreamed about since Jess and I left Belgium after living (i.e., visiting) there for six weeks. 

The achievement: I made a Belgian Liège waffle.  And it tasted authentic!  As I took my fourth bite (it took a while to perfect the baking of the dough in the waffle iron for the correct done-ness) I was taken back to that 2008 overcast day in Belgium when Jess and I sat under the Arch at Parc du Cinquantenaire eating our first Belgian fare.

Making this waffle takes a little more work than your usual waffle or even your usual Belgian Brussels waffle, which are both batters.  The Liège waffle is a dough made with yeast and pearl sugar.  In fact, to make the magic happen, I had to collaborate with my dad (he brought the quality waffle iron) and my sister (she brought the pearl sugar).  Together we came up with something that I thought I could only get across the Atlantic.  No longer!  Although, I wouldn't mind going back sometime soon.

If you are at all interested in making this delicious, euro-doughnut treat, see the recipe here.