We are on the move

Catch us back here around mid-July. See you then!


bp's science: nerves work fast (v.1)

According to The Dorling Kindersley Visual Encyclopedia, "The body's nerves carry electric currents to and from the brain at speeds of up to 249 mph (400km/h)."

The body is amazing.


Toaster oven bread

The other day I made banana bread and baked it in the toaster oven. It turned out deliciously. Have you ever baked anything in a toaster oven? I never have because I thought it wasn't possible. But it is!


Crossing to Safety, a Review

This is a story about a friendship between two couples over a number of years.  It's a book that celebrates the general normalcy we go through in life.  The author, Wallace Stegner, draws out the simple joy of the experience and the power we find in relationships.  It was a bit hard for me to read at the end because it was sad, but in the sadness there was that touch of irony and poignancy that came through.

Quotes I liked include:
In talking about himself, the author notes, "[Writers are] exalted by having made use of [grief and resentment], by having spilled [their] guts in public.  We are strange creatures, and writers are stranger creatures than most."  
Would you say this is true of bloggers to a certain extent?  Replace "grief and resentment" with "personal experiences" and I'd say most certainly.

And another quote about the miracle of pregnancy:
"I see [the two expecting friends] there, and think how in those two women four hearts are beating, and it awes me."
I am always amazed at the miracle of babies, and this seemed to sum it up nicely.


bp's science: polarized sunglasses (v.1)

Jess and I own polarized sunglasses, and although we feel totally cool wearing them (haha) and appreciate the decrease in glare they provide, we don't really know how they work.  Cue a bp's science post.

Haven't you noticed that a person wearing sunglasses looks at least 3 times cooler than normal?  
Okay, maybe not me, but Oliver and Big Bird are looking hip!

First, we must understand glare.  Light is polarized when it bounces off of something, let's say a lake, and instead of scattering in different directions, it reflects in a horizontal direction causing glare.  This happens on bodies of water, flat roads, and long car hoods to name a few things.  That's why polarized glasses are good for water sports, jogging, and driving.

Now polarized sunglasses are like little window blinds.  Molecules that naturally align parallel to one another (creating very thin horizontal lines for example) are applied to the lens.  These molecules absorb the light that is parallel to it, in our example horizontal light.  This creates a vertical polarization axis (or a vertical filter) which only allows vertical light to pass through while blocking horizontal light, a.k.a. glare. 

To sum up:
Polarized glasses = vertical filter = blocked horizontal light = NO glare
The polarized sunglasses we own have served us well and with summer coming around, I find that I will use them more than ever.  However, even though polarized glasses reduce the glare, there are some downsides.  For example, I can't read the clock in our car because polarized lenses can cause problems viewing LCD screens.  Good old quality sunglasses won't do that.

If you aren't sure whether your sunglasses are polarized or not, first observe the light wearing the sunglasses; then tilt your head 45 to 90 degrees.  If the light changes, you've got polarized lenses.


Memorial Day beach visit

For Memorial Day this year, I was determined to get to the beach.  We went with friends a couple of years ago and had such a great time, I wanted to make sure we went back.  Unfortunately, youth conference for our stake coincided with this trip, so while Jess found himself on a bus with 100+ youth, Oliver and I hung out with my brother and his wife and baby at the beach.  We had a wonderful time!  It was great to hang out with family.  Needless to say, we missed having Jess around, but I guess that just means we'll have to do this again soon!

Enjoying the sun and the sand, and missing Dad

Oliver on the same beach, in the same swimming suit no less, in 2010 and 2012.  Man, how that kid grows!