Extendo Pant

With my growing figure, I've had to make some minor adjustments to my wardrobe...not just how it looks but how it functions. With that explanation, I give you what I like to call the extendo pant waist.
This is the view from the inside of the pants
When I figured this out, it gave my pants at least a few more weeks of wear time.


A little one...

...is on the way for us. A little boy to join us in June. It's exciting, surreal, fun, and new. Here he is in all his sonogram glory: Hip, hip, huzzah!

gee...that sonogram doesn't show up very well, but trust me, it's pretty darn cute.


A look at life

I am: enjoying life
I want: to go for a walk all bundled up
I have: to work on editing a movie for a fest
I dislike: lima beans
I miss: going up to the cabin
I fear: not staying healthy
I feel: healthy. . . so no fear, right!?!
I hear: that locals are advised not to use I-495 during inauguration activities
I crave: pizza from The Pie
I usually: drink 2 bottles of water a day but should have more
I search: for an additional hobby
I wonder: how much fiber an average person eats in one day (is it even close to 25 grams a day?)
I regret: not having taken more art classes in high school
I love: that I'm loved
I care: about the happiness of the people I love
I always: have slept on a really flat pillow
I worry: too much about things I have no control over
I remember: sleeping out in the backyard during the summer when I was a kid
I believe: that I may need to change my mantra of "Why be early when you can always be late."
I sing: alto
I don't always: fix dinner
I argue: that the sleep demon does exist
I write: on this blog
I win: at speed sometimes
I lose: at Monopoly all of the time
I wish: I knew how to use Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator
I listen: to lots of different kinds of music
I don't understand: why people treat the recycling bin like a trash can and throw everything in it (i.e. styrofoam, hangers)
I can usually be found: wearing some variety of tan pants
I need: a hug at least once a day (c'mon, you do too)
I forget: to buy dinner food when I go to the grocery store
I am happy: when I'm laughing at jokes of my family and friends

found this list on a blog linked on a friend of a friend's blog (yep, I get looking around in this blog world sometimes)


Looking like a treat

The other day as I was washing my hands, I looked up at myself in the mirror and thought, "I look like mint chocolate cake." I was wearing a light green shirt under a brown blouse which actually looked quite delicious.You see, growing up, we used to frequent a small bakery in Sugarhouse called Glaus. I believe it's still there. It is very close to the house where my mom grew up and it's been there a while. Even when other businesses come and go, it remains and if you've ever had a confection from there, it's very clear why.

For every birthday we celebrated at my house there was a cake from Glaus to accompany it. My mom and dad loved the pineapple rum cake; my older sisters the white raspberry; many of us, the mint chocolate. It was my favorite. Complete with mint filling and a chocolate butter creme frosting (made with real butter!) and a hard chocolatey glaze. Each cake came in a pink pastry box with the top stapled open just enough so that the lid wouldn't smash the layers of frosting on top, and just enough so that when we got into the car with the cake, it'd fill the automobile with sweet scents that made it very difficult not to poke your finger in and take a taste.

I grew up on the cake and ended up ordering it for my wedding (although, it wasn't mint chocolate). Still, I haven't had it for a while and I haven't (yet) found a bakery out here that compares. So to satisfy my desire for the stuff, my conscience seems to have started dressing me like it.

And by the way, a Happy New Year to all. I hear that "Everything's fine in 2009."