These words from Ansel...

"Did you know that pepperoni is macaroni's middle name?"

"This says 'faster shoes'." While pointing to the words on his shoes. 


These two

Ansel and Ollie are 3 years and 9 months apart and it's taken a while for the two to "play" together. It's certainly not always sibling love but the moments come around and it's so sweet (especially for a mom that wanted so badly to have more than one child so they could have each other). One of these moments sticks out in my mind. 

Ansel's birthday was coming up. Ollie whispers in my ear, "what should I give Ansel?" I asked him if he had any ideas. Now Ollie is way into money these days and likes to know he has what he thinks is a "good amount," so what he said next was surprising and kind. "I'll give him some money so he can put it in his money jar." And so it was. Ollie gave Ansel an envelope. On it we wrote ANSEL'S WALLET and in went a dollar bill, a dollar coin, and a nickel. Ansel loved it, you know, because Ansel loves anything Oliver loves. 

These two. 

See Ansel in the background?


Yes! I'm so glad Downton Abbey ended happily

Last night after viewing the Downton Abbey Finale I was happy that everything was tied up nicely and ended well. I even teared up during a scene between two sisters earlier in the season. Good stuff!

And yes, if I went to England and had the time I would not be ashamed to pay to take a tour of the place they shot the series. Pour some tea, make some scones, top them with cream!  Here's to good tv show endings. Haha!