Fourth stop, extra days

With our extra days we spent more time with good people. We got to go to movies, visit restaurants, paint pottery, and celebrate our anniversary with the best waffle I've had this side of the Alantic.

Oliver and I extended our vacation several days after Jess had to head back home for work. We were bummed to see Jess go. To make the time away worth it, we tried and succeeded in filling our days and nights with good times.

Another trip to Bear Lake with my sister's family.

Playing in the backyard on the same play house I did as a kid.

Enjoying the porch swing and hot dogs.

A visit with good friends, including an intense game of ping pong.

Playing with cousins who ride all kinds of wheeled gadgets around their house. I wish I had taken a photo. It was awesome. Needless to say, Oliver was in heaven.

Going very fast in moving vehicles and whooping involuntarily. What is it about speed? Plus, seeing a mini air show and whooping involuntarily some more. I have got to get to another air show.

And finally, just enjoying the company of family. That's what these trips are about anyhow.

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