bp's science: forget the hiatus! (v.1)

While my bp's science posts were down for the month of August, I heard from not one, but many readers indicating that they actually kind of liked the science posts. I was pleasantly surprised. I got to thinking about this hiatus and how it needs to end. And how I'll be back every Tuesday with a scientific tidbit rain or shine (or earthquake or hurricane, both of which Jess experienced back east while we were away vacationing, sheesh!).

For this quick bp's science post, I'll share a neat video I took of a small crab we found as we were searching the tide pools in California.

Why hello there!


jo said...

woohoo! Good to see you crab. And even better to see my weekly dose of BP Science. Science Tuesday is again something I'll be looking forward to!

Chap said...

I liked the voices and watching the crab eating. Nice!