Sensor failure

We've recently moved into our new place. It is exciting and surreal at the same time. Oliver loves the backyard, and that's the best thing ever. I am unpacking boxes and trying to fill the pantry. This weekend, Jess will mow the lawn. We are still in transition mode, but we are learning the ropes.

In fact, the house is breaking us in on it's own. The other day, Oliver and I were playing downstairs, and from a speaker in the house, we heard what sounded like the alarm system for the Starship Enterprise,

"System failure:
"sensor failure one,
"sensor failure two,
"sensor failure three,
"sensor failure four..."

It sounded once, and we were taken aback. It was loud and indeed alarming. I knew it was coming from the old security system, the one we tried to fix so it would do what we wanted it to. Apparently, we did something wrong and the lady over the speaker was telling us so every 90 seconds.

"System failure: sensor failure..."

I grabbed a screw driver and looked into the system more. The voice was driving me so crazy I was ready to cut the wires! I even went so far as to figure out what fuse serviced the thing, but to no avail. It can run on a backup battery. Finally, after about 20 minutes and 13 or so loud announcements, I found the button to reset the thing. The button was black and hidden. I tell you, it should be neon orange.

With that behind us, I think we can get a hang of this maintenance game. Wish us luck with raking leaves and clearing out the roof gutters come late fall.


It's in the DNA

This morning Oliver woke up, came into our room, and said, "Mom, I need a food that starts with 'D'." I couldn't figure out what food he was requesting so I asked, "What food would that be?" To which he responded, "I need a doughnut." Oliver is indeed my son.


Summer whirlwind

Here we are enjoying an early summer day in Maryland.  And now we find ourselves finishing off the season in Utah.  It's been a whirlwind of a summer, but a good one nonetheless. 

Moving requires lots of changes, and we are becoming well-versed in the things that come with getting settled.  We are getting there one step at a time (while I try to act like I know what I am doing), and it is an adventure.  Cheers to a great summer and cheers to the upcoming fall and everything that comes with it.