From Santa's elves, "Merry Christmas!"

click photo to see the full effect of the awesome
elf costumes we made for the branch party this year

Specimen in Multipurpose Cleaner

Last summer, I had the unfortunate experience of getting bit by a tick. Thankfully, the tick had not been on me long and I was able to tug (and yes, it required me to tug) it out with tweezers. For years, I have been frightened of ticks, Rocky Mountain fever does not sound fun, so I was quite impressed with my feat of strength and (seeing as I took some zoology classes in college) wanted to keep the small creature. I looked for some isopropyl alcohol. Since I had none, I found some multipurpose house cleaner. This I poured into an old plastic bouillon jar and therein placed the tick. My specimen was prepared and ready for further investigation.

Winter time has come and it is (past) time to pour the tick down the drain. I have taken a picture of it (see photo on your right), so the specimen will be kept digitally. I am certain this digital photo will help scientists in years to come.