Two months

Man, I love this kid. 



The other day Oliver said to me, 

Mom, Ashley is an adult name. Oliver is a kid name. 

I remember thinking the same thing about my name when I was just about his age. 


Making sense of the world pt. 5

Ansel's latest request:

"Mom, I want to go to the umquarium. It's my favorite umseum!"

And while playing with the iPad and wanting answers:

"Why is Siri your last name!?!"

And here he is, very excited to put up Halloween decorations and wear the burger hat. 


Action pump up the paction!

"Take an action shot!" they request, and this is what we get. 


Right now

It's amazing how time flies and before you know it you're a mom to three kidlets. Taking them to soccer, helping them practice piano, reading them books, sharing good music with them, eating donuts, going on hikes, watching them grow.  So much to teach, so much to learn. These three boys make me one happy camper.