Have you ever noticed that on Friday you hardly get any email?  I think people are gearing up for the weekend and that's a good thing.  This week, Oliver is very excited for something coming up on Saturday.  He's mentioned it a few times with the biggest smile.  No, we don't have any parties to attend this weekend. We aren't going on vacation and it isn't anyone's birthday. We aren't getting a pet or buying a bike or even going out for doughnuts.

The boy is excited for Saturday because it is the day when the show Bloopers airs.  Have you seen this show?  Probably not, as it is on channel 2-2, which, for those of you using cable, have never heard of nor have any need or interest to know about.  Apparently, Oliver watched part of this cheaply produced version of America's Funniest Videos last Saturday and can't stop thinking about it (even though we did some other fun stuff that day). He loves the videos and laughs consistently throughout the show.  Dean Cain does the hosting of the program in front of a green screen with an added laugh track!  He's pretty good at acting like he's talking to a live studio audience, if that is even possible. 

So this Saturday, no matter what we go out and do, we've got to be back by 4pm in order to tune into channel 2-2 to watch Bloopers because Oliver is very much looking forward to it. 

What four year old being crazy with the camera wouldn't want to watch Bloopers?


bp's science: the power of music

This is a clip from a documentary, Alive Inside, shown at the latest film festivals.  It shows (and continues to support my belief in) the power of music. This clip is worth your 6 minutes.  I really couldn't believe it. 

The narrator on is Oliver Sacks.  He writes some interesting stuff on the brain.


Ice skate

On Saturday we headed out to ice skate on the second to last day of the outdoor rink season. It was a perfect day and we had a great time.  I'd say the only downside was Ansel wasn't able to skate when he really wanted too. He did have fun running around the rink and eating melting snow however. Ollie got out on the ice with a little hesitation but soon loved going around and around as Jess gave him pointers.  By the end of the session he was declaring, "I'm an Olympic pro!"

Ollie starts off with a strong hold on Dad's arm

Ansel gets his exercise running around the outside of the rink

By the end, Ollie is one handing it and can skate to the wall all by himself


Making sense of it all, Valentine Edition

Jess gave Oliver a box of (his own!) chocolates for Valentines Day. Of course, Oliver wanted one immediately but knows the drill at our house - healthy foods then a treat.  And so he said hurriedly, "Let's eat a healthy breakfast first!"  He was concerned Multigrain Cheerios had a little too much sugar.  Jess didn't understand. I explained, "There's an inverse relationship here.  Ollie obviously thinks that the less sugar in the healthy breakfast, the more treat he gets to enjoy."  Good thinking.

Oliver loves to sneak candy, except he likes to tell you about it.  "Mom, close your eyes," he says and then adds, "I'm going to have some chocolate when you're not looking." What's more, when I'm taking a shower or upstairs doing something, I'll come down to find him smiling to which is explains, "I sneaked some candy."

A man came to our front door to drop off some flowers Jess had most kindly ordered.  We brought the flowers in and prepared to read the card.  "I think these are from dad!" I said excitedly, to which Oliver replied with confusion, "But that man did not look like dad."

He had a Valentines Day party during preschool yesterday.  I got to help out and was in charge of a game that would take 7 minutes.  Seven minutes?  I wasn't sure what to do but ended up with a classic, musical chairs.  But there was a twist: whoever didn't get a chair had a chance to redeem him or herself by answering a question correctly.  Questions like: tell me a food that is in the diary group or what month is it?  After the first few questions, some of the kids were choosing not to get a chair! They wanted to be asked the questions. Ahh, the joy of being four.

And finally, Oliver made Valentines for his buddies.  We made a card accompanied by a chocolate and a pencil. Before I knew it Oliver was adding stuff, dinosaur stickers, a couple sheets of his number paper, and a heart made out of his fingerprints. Good times.

Happy {belated} Valentines Day!


Internet withdrawal

I had a great science post planned for today. But I am without Internet. I am using an iPhone to post this and as you know posting on a blog with a phone is not convenient nor pleasant. I'll be back here soon with something interesting. Until then, happy valentines day!


Cheaper by the Dozen: A Review

This book is a great read, and I must say, better than any movie I've seen that's based on it.  Frank and Lillian Gilbert had a dozen children and when you have twelve children, there's bound to be a lot of adventure.  I believe parents with lots of kids have to be great people, and these parents were.  This family goes through everything from learning different languages by listening to records every morning to enjoying summers in a beach cottage with Morse code painted on the walls.  I laughed out loud at times and shared good tidbits from the book with Jess every so often.  Growing up in a large family myself, I was truly able to relate to the Gilbreth family.  When I read about them counting off to make sure everyone was present, I thought of my own family. Wonderful!  You will get a kick out of it regardless of your family size.  It is a classic.

A photo of the Gilbreth family, circa 1922-3, what fun


One swell year

Celebrating Ansel's first birthday was a pleasure.  He's now one and we can't believe it.  Either can everyone else.  I keep getting comments that he surely can't be one already, the time has gone by so quickly.  I agree!  This year sure has been a good one.

We celebrated with calzones and cake. Oliver blew out the candle for Ansel and helped him open his presents.  That's what all big brothers do, right?  Ansel loved the singing, candle, calzone, and cake.  At one point he had a cake goatee.  Nice.

Grandma and Grandpa came to celebrate with us and gave Ansel some great gifts.  Ansel (and Oliver) were in heaven.

 It is amazing how a little kidlet develops over the period of a year.  Truly amazing.

Oliver was sure that once Ansel turned one he would start talking.  "Why isn't he talking mom?" Oliver asked surprised.  While he hasn't started doing that yet, he has started walking.  Just a week before his first birthday he decided to give it a try, and it sure is cute.