27 and cheese sandwich

Not sure why it's taken me so long to discover that cheese sandwiches are delicious. I've had grilled cheese, and those are good too. But a simple wheat bread, New York cheddar cheese, dijon mustard, and pickle sandwich is quite wonderful. Wouldn't you agree?

On another note, I was doing some internet surfing for baby goods and I came upon some dad t-shirts with the follow sayings on the front, including On Daddy Duty, This Dad Does Diapers, This Dad Gets Up. Made me get thinking about some other things a dad t-shirt could say (think back to your middle school days):
baby crying
diaper needs changing
no sleep for days
rocking for 30+ minutes
no calming down
dark outside


Ready for Spring

We got to visit NM this past week, the the weather was nice. Made me excited for spring.


Conversation piece

My growing belly has become a conversation piece. I mean that in a good way. There's something about the joy of expecting that makes people feel at ease. When it's clear you're having a baby it seems that people feel an instant connection with you and the next thing you know they're telling you about their experience, whether it be a mother sharing her miracle of becoming pregnant after going through unsuccessful infertility treatments, a father telling you how it is to raise a little boy, or the younger people sharing stories about when they were kids or what their nieces and nephews are like.

I have talked to people at my office, people I have worked around for 2+ years and never said a word to, now that I am having a baby. I have discussed with people, who I usually have "skim the surface" conversations with, the ins and outs of parenthood. I have been asked how I'm feeling about 3 or 4 times a day by people who I simply smiled at while passing in the hall. It's interesting how the subject of expecting a little one brings the extrovert out of introvert settings. What is it about having babies, raising babies, and baby subjects that lessens the gap between people? Do you like that lessened gap? Do you not? I'd like to hear.