Post Thanksgiving o-nine

Don't you love pouring the leftover cream (that you used for your mashed potato recipe) on top of your cereal after Thanksgiving? I do. Yum.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of good cheer, turkey, and lots of THANKFULNESS. My gratitude list is long. Very long. And I was happy to celebrate. We were invited to our friend's house and brought the mashed potatoes, the apple pie, cranberry sauce, and spinach salad. Yes, one of those things is not like the other. Let's just say, we had a lot of spinach salad left over. We decided that on Thanksgiving, people aren't really into eating fresh vegetables. I actually asked one of the guests if they wanted some salad to which they graciously responded, "I don't think I've got room on the plate!" 'Nough said.

The fresh cranberry sauce (or is it relish?) was my favorite this year. See here, because you'll want to make this for Christmas Eve.



Libraries and DVDs

Have you ever gone to the library and only checked out DVDs? It seems like every time I check out a DVD at the library I feel some sort of pressure to check out books too, to prove to the librarians that I read. For some reason I feel a need to make up for my movie watching enjoyment with a couple of books. One DVD rental equals two books, or something like that. I mean, when I go up to check items out, I always feel like the librarian behind the counter is somehow chiding me for checking out DVDs. I can hear her think, “Oh, I see, you don’t read much, hmmmm? You know this is a library. We have shelves and shelves of books.” So I always have a few books to check out with the DVD. When I do this, it seems as though I can see the attitude of the librarian change, and instead she is thinking, “Ah, good, at least you’ve got some books to accompany your DVD. Enjoy that one, it’s a classic. Oh yeah, and that drivel of a DVD is due back in 7 days.” Of course, the attitude of the librarian is the best when only books are checked out. As he scans your card and hands you your receipt, the message from the smile on his face conveys, “Ah, a fellow reader. Soak those pages up with your soul. Oh yes, and read that other one while sipping a cup of hot apple cider.” Then he mentions out loud, “And did you know that parking is free when you validate your parking stub?” This is when you know you’ve been accepted into the fold.


Happy Belated Halloween

Hope your Halloween was as creepy, I mean, as sleepy, as ours.

p.s. this morning Jess asked me, "Why don't they call Christmas Eve, Christmas'een'?" I told him I didn't know.