Looking for apartments is a drag

and just about as boring as this blog post...


the best things

We've all heard the old proverb, "The best things in life aren't free."

Well, one afternoon, while my mother tested my grandpa's sugar levels, I wandered around his house looking at things.  A small piece of paper with something scratched onto it caught my eye.  In my grandfather's shaky handwriting it read, "The best things in life aren't things, they are family and friends."

As we venture off, once again heading for the east, my grandpa's words echo my thoughts.  I've loved this summer.  I've cherished being around family and seeing old friends.  I've loved the dry air, the cool nights, the wind in the mulberry trees.  I've enjoyed the Sunday dinners, the impromptu outings, the home theatre nights, the Heber crispness.  The smiling faces of family and friends are best though.  

Hope your summer has been splendid too.


into cooking these days

which I guess is a good thing, seeing as I'll be cooking meals for a fam for the next few (or so) years. This summer, we've had the luxury of enjoying the food network. I now know the meaning of sous vide, mojito, amuse bouche, and boeuf bourguignon. The last one thanks to this film, Julie&Julia:
I enjoyed this movie quite a bit; although I could have watched a show solely about Julia and been perfectly happy.

So here's to cooking some better recipes in the near future. But first, I've got to buy some wooden spoons...


and the living is easy

You know it's summer time when your dad let's you try out the trampoline and you get to wear awesome sunglasses, all in one day.
You also know it's summer when you rock the waterski with a wipeout like this. No pain no gain, right?