Road Criticism

Jess and I always seem to complain about all of the other drivers out there who "don't know how to drive." We laugh at our intensity and our hypocrisy sometimes.

"That guy cannot drive."

"I can't believe he just braked to exit!"

"Why didn't he signal?"

Sometimes it gets a little over the top and we have both admitted as much, but we still do it, and it seems that once one of us gets going the other only seems to fuel the fire. I guess I didn't realize how much we did this until my sister came to visit and took the 25 minutes ride with us to church. Weeks after her visit, I was talking to her about our car banter and she said it was indeed apparent on our ride to church that day. I was a little embarrassed. My embarrassment was furthered one afternoon as I drove Oliver downtown. A car pulled in front of me and I said, "Seriously?!" It was quickly repeated by Oliver and now it's a common word.

With that understanding, I am going to complain a bit about some drivers here. Is this a little excessive? Sure. And I should probably just stop here, but in true Ashley and Jess car banter fashion, I'll continue. Here are the things that just don't make sense to me when driving:

1. Braking around traffic lights when the light is green.
2. Slowing down to 20 mph when there is a speed camera in a 35 mph zone.
3. Stopping on an on-ramp.
4. Driving under the speed limit in the left lane.

Okay, that's enough. Does this kind of stuff bother you when driving or am I the only one here? If I get zero comments, I get the point.


The Theodores said...

Our car's left blinker isn't working right now. I learned this when a huge Escalade nearly t-boned me the other day. I think as I was passing her I saw her mouth, "SERIOUSLY?!"

Jess said...

This post is TOO NEGATIVE.

Chap said...

If it helps, and if you want to curb your "enthusiasm," just think that I probably do all of those things!!! But usually feel very peaceful as I am doing them (while unintentionally causing someone else's bp to rise!)

Trisha said...

Oh come now, this is not too negative :) I'm annoyed when people drive the speed limit in the left lane. Don't they know that lane is for speeding?
It drives me nuts when people speed up when you are passing them. What else.... people who talk on their cell phones while driving and can't seem to drive at the same time. Just hang up.

kel said...

yea, when your kids start to repeat your traffic coin phrases you know it's an issue (pronounced iss-ew). for me it's "our turn," "nice" and "do it!" Ash and Tom are quite versed.

p.s. not too negative.