Did someone say update?

Okay, it's Tuesday, but I thought it was Monday, so instead of bp's science, here's an update. I think my days are kind of confused here because we just got back from a vacation, a wonderful vacation full of good times and seeing people we rarely see . . . family. When I say rarely, try every 6 months, if that, so it's always good to get together.

We went to visit Jess' parents place. His dad was graduating with his PhD after retiring from his first career. Way to go! And what an accomplishment. We had a wonderful time watching as he walked into the stadium, was hooded, and received his diploma.

Jess and Oliver wait for the graduates to get seated

It's official with the diploma in hand (or really in the mail)

The mini Theodore fam at the dinner celebration afterwards, with an excellent "I love Barbeque" face from Jess

A day at the kids' old elementary school was complete with swing jumping competitions

Oliver with Grandma all nice and toasty

Oliver loved nothing more than to be with his Grandma + Grandpa and his aunts + uncles. Just yesterday after his nap he indicated that he wanted to go to Grandpa and Grandma's house and proceeded to bring his shoes to me to put them on. Needless to say, there was some explaining to him about how it takes around 6 hours to get to their house (and around 24 if you miss your first flight - which we did and which is another story).

And with that, I end by saying that it really was a great time. We also got to eat at the University Creamery, use the XBox Kinect (I felt like I was living in 2050 or something), have great conversations, and enjoyed some pre-birthday cupcakes which Oliver loved. I wish this kind of thing could happen more often.

See more of the fun at my sister-in-law's blog.


jo said...

I abolutely love this update. What a darling little boy that O is. A charmer for sure.

So glad you could have some quality time with family. I'm with you. I wish it was more often.

Natalie said...

How fun! Congrats to Jess' dad. We have to constantly dash Charlie's dreams when we explain that we can't go visit his cousins, grandmas, or friends. Sad.