Finishing up April

Our April was filled with a lot of good things. One of which was the Saturday before Easter. Oliver hunted for plastic eggs inside our apartment. He enjoyed it and was very fond of the candy (unfortunately now he thinks all eggs are filled with "cahndy" as he calls it).

enjoying the spoils before finding all of the eggs :: counting the eggs

Then we headed outside because the rain from the morning had stopped. It was a glorious day. We tossed around a soccer and tennis ball, watched planes fly overhead, threw sticks in the river, and looked at flowers. Fortunately, the rain blew all of the allergens out of the air, so it was a sneeze-free trip.

hilarious dandelion blowing :: very close airplanes

It always seems like time speeds up around this time of year and before I blink, it's August. I'm glad I get to enjoy the time with these two. Here's to May!

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