bp's science: poison ivy (v.1)

Oliver and I just got back from a long walk. It was a good time, complete with a fall in some mud and some flower picking. I also thought I spotted some poison ivy. I can't tell you how many times I've been outside on a hike or a walk and thought, "Hmm, that plant has three leaves, it may be poison ivy." It just so happens that what I thought was poison ivy was not. I think I may just be over-aware. Any plant that is green and has three points is always under scrutiny. So why don't we clear up the confusion here with a photo of poison ivy in all it's three-leaved glory.

And by the way, the redder leaves are newer leaves. I found this photo at a website entirely devoted to the plant. See here for more info.

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Natalie said...

I guess it's probably a good thing you're not encountering poison ivy on your walks right? I miss you! We need to chat soon!