How do you like your cake font?

Growing up, for every birthday, I got a cake from a bakery in my mom & dad's old neighborhood. The same happened for each of my siblings and my parents. We loved these cakes. They were delicious. And they'd always come complete with a message on top in beautiful cursive lettering, "Happy Birthday [insert name here]". After our family got older and people got married and little ones came, we'd celebrate birthdays by months. In March, we have several birthdays (9 right now), and I remember the cake having lots of names on it. In fact, I remember being in awe of the skill of the baker, placing the icing on top of the cake with such lettering precision. It always looked so superb.

Such has been my standard for cake lettering all these years. Imagine my shock and surprise as I saw this at a recent function:

The spacing is bad, the lettering is sub-par, and that spelling is not helping either. So this is what cake lettering has come to and we've learned to accept. Really? I had to laugh.

Needless to say, no one else seemed to be bothered by it and the cake was gone by the time we left the get-together. I guess when the message is written in butter and sugar, you're going to be pleasing most people regardless of how it looks.


The Jeff Bylund Family said...

Very funny! That font really does look awful. :)

AnnaM said...

You should submit that to cake wrecks, it's awesome!

Chap said...


kel said...

i love it!