The Week

Like I've mentioned before, I am the opposite of a news junkie.  I hardly ever take in they news.  Too many negative stories overwhelm me and I spend hours thinking or worrying about what I just watched.  But then I become disconnected and when I'm asked my opinion of the shutdown I think to myself, "The shutdown of what?"

All kidding aside, my brother and dad introduced me to the publication, The Week.  It's a succinct summary of everything that has happened in the past seven days.  It gives you the basic stories and what the right and left columnists said about it.  It is thorough but not overly so.  It inserts funny, curious, and uplifting tidbits on other happenings as well as the best cartoons of the week.  This is perfect for a person like myself.  It's short.  It's limited (there are only so many pages). It is unbiased.  It informs me and then I'm done.  I have what I need to know without all the extra.

I know I am old school because I am reading the news in print, but it works for me.  And of course, they've got a website and you can read the edition using your mobile device.

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Spencer and Julia said...

Thanks for sharing this. I used to really like following the news but I didn't like how it was making me feel down so I've been out of the loop. I just downloaded the app and I'm enjoying it while I nurse. Thanks for sharing!