Making sense of it all, part II

The other day Oliver was talking to me about how someday he will become a Dad.  I think he is looking forward to it, but he did have a couple of concerns.

concern no. 1: who will his children be?  

I explained to him that I was not sure who they would be, but I knew they would be awesome. He didn't seem to understand and responded, "Will my children be Ansel?" To which I replied, "No, not Ansel but like Ansel.  In fact, just like you and Ansel were in heaven before you came to our family, your future children are in heaven right now."

Oliver paused, made a confused face and said "You mean my children will be Jesus?" 

concern no. 2: who will go with him when he goes to work?

Oliver made a declaration: "Mom, when I become a Dad, I will go to work."

"That's right, you will go to work." I said.

"But I will miss you Mom.  I'll want you to come with me."

To which I replied, "That sounds fun.  I'll definitely have to come to your work sometime."

And hopefully someday, I will.

But for now, I am good with Oliver being four and making faces with me.

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Chap said...

I LOVED hearing that conversation! What a thinker that boy is! I love your responses, too. No wonder he wants to take you to work with him!