Quinoa is good again

Quinoa is an interesting food.  It is only good, to me, when paired with other delicious stuff.  Kind of like tofu I guess.  Put tofu with kimchi for example and and you've got a perfect paring, but it certainly is not delicious on its own.  I used to try to eat quinoa as a single dish with add ins, but it didn't seem to work all that much.  Quinoa needed a paring and thanks to excellent cooks I've found some great recipes.  The other day, my sister gave me a recipe for eggs that I thought would go wonderfully with quinoa.  Take a moment with me and picture this:

Grease a muffin tin with oil and place a teaspoon of extra olive oil in the bottom of each tin.
Dice up one Roma tomato and place the tomato on top of the olive oil (use one tomato per four tins).
Season with salt, pepper, and basil (fresh is best but dried works well too). 
Crack an egg and place on top of the tomatoes in each muffin tin.
Top with prosciutto (but I used deli ham and it was still delicious).
Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.
Now pair this with quinoa that's been cooked with some onions and garlic powder, then mixed (after cooking) with balsamic vinegar.
Add spinach for some iron.

You've got dinner and its tasty. Quinoa is good again.

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jo said...

mmmmmmm, sounds delicious. (and easy)