Halloween to the max

This Halloween was the full event.  Our house may have been poorly decorated (what's new?), but what we lacked in house decor we made up with activity.  I can't thank the creative and fun people in our lives who made it so.  I've never been good at planning Halloween costumes, activities, or treats; but I am surrounded by people who are.  I have never seen Halloween celebrated with such gusto!  I like it.

And I determined earlier this month that it's high time we come up with some family traditions over here.  It seems as though family traditions are like magic and we must be better at carrying on the ones we grew up with in our own little family and coming up with some of our own.

[above] Oliver puts "Halloween Spirit" into a witches brew at a Halloween party

[below] posing outside our door for a trick-or-treating photo with Grandpa and Grandma on Halloween nightAnsel was a monkey (in pjs no less), and Oliver was, well, can you guess (even with his starship badge hidden behind the doorway)?

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Chap said...

We loved being part of your halloween, what a fun evening with Spock, Monkey and parents.