7:45am around here and other notes

November is whizzing by us.  With these beautiful 60+ degree days, it is just so pleasant.

These brothers are playing together more these days, even at 7:45am.  Very fun and neat to watch.

And in other news, I watched a documentary on JFK last night and I finally, yes finally, get the difference between The Bay of Pigs incident and the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Let's just say I am not a history scholar and it is a wonder I passed the AP History exam.  I am learning more about history now more than ever.  I guess high school was not the best environment to learn history, my least favorite subject.  Amidst reading, biology, math, and social dealings; history took a back seat.  I mean, a fifteen passenger van back seat.  But I feel like I am catching up, one history book and program at a time.

And what's on your Thanksgiving recipe list this month?  I am eagerly looking for a good roll recipe.  Of all my time spent baking, rolls have been neglected.  And I am assigned to bring them to the festivities this year!  Of course, we will also be making our (little family's) beloved cranberry sauce.  And I have made a couple of iterations of pumpkin bread already.  Plus, green beans with almonds and butter are another favorite.  But first, rolls.  I need a recipe for rolls.

And has anyone been watching The Paradise on Masterpiece?  We've been taking in each episode week by week and I am always wishing there was more to the story.  But we keep watching and enjoying.  Not the best series, but entertaining all the same.

And with that, I hope your November is going well.

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