Tour of Utah

I love when I learn or do something new because of another person's interests. I guess I've been doing that my whole life! I've been lucky to know lots of neat people with different hobbies and this time was no exception. 

This past weekend, due to Jess' love of road biking (or cycling), we went to watch the final leg of the multistage cycling race in Utah. We headed downtown and walked to the course. It was a lot of fun. More fun than our kids initially thought. We cheered as the peloton passed us and watched with anticipation to see who would win. We could not believe the shape these guys were in (if you want to be a good hill climber, body fat should be around 3-4%, so your very light but with enough muscle to rock up those hills) and the endurance they had. We even snagged a water bottle an athlete threw to the side of the road while climbing up State Street. Picture someone catching a ball at a baseball game. Everyone wanted a piece of the action!

Afterward Ian wanted to swim in the fountain at the Capitol building but had to settle for just getting his feet wet. You'll notice that Ansel plunged his feet in too, shoes and socks included. He told us he didn't remember he had shoes and socks on when he did it. Ahhh, to be four. 

Now Jess wants a new bike and we've all done something we'd never done before. Cool!


jo said...

Very cool!

Chap said...

I love all of your posts. I always look at your blog to see if there is a new one and often reread the old ones. What a great life you and your family are making for yourselves and enjoying! We love being around you all!