Independence and worry

Today I sent Ollie off to school. Out the door he went, to WALK to school. From Kindergarten to second grade I (or carpool) drove him everyday. Now we are trying this new method of walking with friends to school. It will be good for independence and exercise. But boy, was it hard not to jump in the car and check on him every so often! I kept looking at my watch thinking, "10/5/2/1 more minute(s) til the bell rings. Is he arriving at school safely?" 

Being a parent is hard work. I worry about lots of things all of the time. I can't imagine what my mom was going through when she had nine kids to think/worry about. I remember one time I tried out for something and didn't make it. I was trying to act tough but I was sad. Just think of how my mom felt! She really was my biggest cheerleader. She made me confident in who I was and what I was doing. I hope to be the same for Ollie and Ansel and Ian. They are amazing beings with neat personalities and wonderful souls. Now I just need to make sure they know that through the thick and thin of growing up. 

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jo said...

Took the words right out of my mouth. Props to Ollie and to you! Those cute kids have a fantastic mom.