Summer wrap up

Our last few weeks of summer were filled with fun things to do and good people to spend it with. When I dropped Ollie off to school today, I thought of all we did this summer and how wonderful it was. I really do enjoy spending time with my kids. Each summer morning Oliver and Ansel would get up and play together. Magic. Below are photos of a bit of the other good times we enjoyed together. 

Flying high on an August afternoon. 

Tracy Aviary visit. This green macaw was climbing using its beak. Oliver loved it!

Ian continues to be cute, little, and smiley. 

But now he is very fast at crawling just about anywhere! This kid has no fear and crawls in the rocky dry creek, the garden bark, the back cement patio, up stairs. He is unstoppable. 

Ian grew a smoothie moustache and goatee. 

Ansel was captain smoothie red beard. 

And Oliver gave me a tattoo. It was relatively painless. 

We hiked up Albion basin and the wildflowers were breathtaking. 

We visited Cowabunga Bay and were having so much fun this is the only photo I got. I went on 6 slides with my niece. It was like I was a kid back at Seven Peaks again. Thanks sisters for watching the boys!

We visited Bear Lake and Ollie captured the sunrise. 

We experienced the solar eclipse with all the latest equipment. It was so cool!

Ian was like, what's the big deal? 

Going shirtless!

And we rode the boat and skied and tubed on the aquamarine glass. A perfect way to end the summer. 

I'm grateful for summer months to spend time doing nothing and lots of things over a period of about three months. Now onto school. I think I'm in denial. I didn't buy Ollie any new school clothes, nor did I give the boys a haircut. Those things will get done. Check with me in September, no wait, October. 


jo said...

Yay summer! You guys really lived it to the fullest! What great memories to log away this year.

The Jeff Bylund Family said...

Love this post! I am glad you are doing well!