Lagoon Day

I have such good memories spending time with cousins at Lagoon. However, when we took a trip there recently, I was surprised by how much it has changed since my youth. The kid area has doubled in size (no more old pool or place behind the bathrooms for teens to smoke). The roller coaster options have tripled! And the Terror Ride was celebrating its 50th year. What has also changed is my ability to go on every ride. I was looking forward to going on the Colussus with Jess since it was the first time he'd visited, but after going on a mid level (maybe even an entry level) coaster, the motion sickness was starting and we skipped it. Instead, we went on the sky ride. And now, after typing that, I am officially a 35 year old mom. Haha! Some photos below of the day spent at the amusement park. 

One of the new kiddie rides enjoyed by the boys. I love Ollie's wave to us here. 

Entering the revamped Terror Ride with grandpa (who remembers when the original ride opened! Cool!).

Ian was a good observer of it all. 

Prepping for the Tidal Wave to begin with Grandma. 

Ansel says his favorite ride was, well, every single one of them.  

A good time had by all. And we were sure not to skip the Log Flume. A classic that took me back :)


jo said...

🎵 There's only one, one, one, one, o-uhn LAGOON! 🎵
Tidal wave is the best. And I'm guessing that means you didn't go on the screamer. Good call. :)

The Jeff Bylund Family said...

Ever since aI had kids I black out on roller coasters. I too am officially (almost) a 35 year old mom.😂😂🤣. Bring on the sky ride!