the day to day

Over the past few weeks, and most intensely, the last few days, I've been reminded to find joy, goodness, gladness, peace, and satisfaction in the day to day.  I have been more attune to the resiliency of the human spirit, the blessing of a helping hand, and the comfort in the goodness that surrounds us.  

A babe resting on your shoulder, a five year old's prayer to "help us be true," the spring breeze, the smile of another.

Sometimes I find it so strange that I get can caught up in minor skim-the-surface-type things that paralyze me from doing better in major life-changing things.  Vulnerability verses service.  That type of thing.

I'm going to let those surface things float away in the breeze and move forward.


jo said...

Wise words. And very true! You are an amazing person, Ash. I hope you know that.

Chap said...

Nicely said.