Finding good doctors

I just got off the phone with Oliver's old pediatrician's office in Maryland.  We need vaccination records so I requested them.  The person answered the phone quickly, heard my request, got information, and found the records, then took my address and said she'd place them in the mail.  All of this in less than four minutes.  If all care and service were this good! (One of my past pediatrician experiences involved written paperwork and 3-4 weeks processing time plus a fee to get medical records. It was over the top.)

I loved this pediatrician and everyone that worked at the office. I loved it because there was only one pediatrician, one nurse, one front office lady and they remembered us (or did a good job acting like they did). They were so kind, patient, and very knowledgeable.  Every question I asked the doctor was treated with equal concern, regardless of how lame my question or the amount of time the doctor had.  You could tell the doctor enjoyed his job and knew the most up-to-date medical knowledge.  He was excellent.

We have a good pediatrician now, but how I wish we could still go to the superb one we had in Maryland.  

Finding a good doctor is like discovering a treasure.  It takes work but the reward is worth it.  Sometimes you never find the treasure and you live with what you've got, but, if you are like me, you always want better.  I have had a small handful of good versus excellent doctors and boy, excellent doctors sure make a difference!  I may sound a bit picky with very high standards and, well, that is true.  But I think that's okay.  Cheers to all of those good doctors out there

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