Here's to Mothers Day

My mother was exceptional in every sense of the word.  And I find myself trying to emulate her when I parent.  I think of her often and recall the joy she found in being a mom.  It came first and foremost and then she did other things.  I find that joy, too, in being a mother.  It is magical.

I often say to Oliver and Ansel, "How did I get so lucky to get two great boys?" To which Oliver responds, "Just because!"

I love this pic because it shows me doing what moms do: watch their children explore the world and discover new things everyday, lending a helping hand when needed (in this instance it was taking Ansel out of the cold water when he stood in it too long and didn't know what to do).  This exploration continues throughout adulthood and moms continue to lend that helping hand, finding the balance between letting the child learn on their own and assisting them along the way.  It is a balance that takes patience and discipline and a little worry.  But it sure is amazing to watch a child successfully venture into and through this world/life. And I hope to give my kids some of the skills/tools to enjoy it.


Chap said...

I Love that picture of you and the little ones>

Jess said...

Well said, Ash. You are a wonderful mother and woman. Your mom would be (and I am sure, is) very proud.