bp's science: upside down cup (or carafe in this case)

My sister recently sent me this picture with the accompanying text, "This carafe accidentally fell of the counter, bounced and landed perfectly like this."

Very cool!?!  I've never seen that before.  Wow!

When this happens, why does it happen?  Why does the water not spill out and make a mess?  Two things:

1. Air pressure: the air pressure in the carafe is lower than the air pressure outside of the carafe and as such keeps the water in the carafe.

[p.s. With regards to pressure, there is also discussion of water's compressibility which, according to the net, is a measure of relative volume change of a fluid as a response to a pressure change.  If you are interested in additional details, click on the links within this parenthetical.]

2. Cohesion and adhesion: a water molecule is polar.  It has a positive and a negative side causing water molecules to stick to each other (cohesion).  Due to this polarity, water is also attracted to other things (adhesion), in this instance, the glass and floor.  These forces keep the carafe from slipping around and falling down.

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Science is amazing! SCIENCE!

Thanks for letting me live vicariously through BP's science!