What is it about 60-70 degrees?

This past week has been filled with delightful weather.  We've played outside so much Ansel is riding the scooter.  Yes, you read that right, Ansel puts one foot on the scooter and pushes with another.  It is slow but his form is surprisingly good. I am amazed at that child's sense of adventure and I-can-do-it attitude.  Oliver is very fast on this same scooter, riding on it sideways like a skateboard.  He asked to learn how to ride a bike the other week and so I am on the lookout for one...and a skateboard.

Then we had some crazy rainy and windy weather in the middle of the night.  So much so that it woke me up.  It woke up Oliver too.  Thank goodness it died down after a bit because it was alarming and scary to us, respectively.

The flowers are making their debut and we love watching our yard burst to life.  Jess and I know this means lots o minutes (or hours) tending to it, but it is worth it.  Plus, I've started some seedlings in the house and hope to plant them soon (as well as figure out the watering system) in the garden. 

Cheers for spring!

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jo said...

Sounds like a wonderful beginning to spring. I can't believe that little Ansel! It sounds like you've got two adventurers on your hands. I just remember Beej's skateboard adventures... ha ha. Keep us posted on the garden, and send along any tips. Are you planting vegetables?